Harmonies in Color focus their efforts on performing for the pure joy it brings to them, 

and their audience.

Beginning their musical endeavours professionally in 2009 on Santorini, in their homeland - Greece, the Australian-born brothers have been offering their talents to listeners ever since, travelling and performing around Europe and overseas at shows, weddings and events.

An extremely versatile yet compact musical outfit, the duo's setup is minimal and concise. 

Their song arrangements possess clarity and precision bringing each version alive with the most fundamental elements of the song included and well executed. 

Ross provides the groove and essence of each rhythmic pattern, while Niko pays homage to the true melodic incentives of each composition, with both members including sampled elements and effects where necessary. Together they are truly - Harmonies in Color.

Now based in Porto, Portugal - the duo are as active and enthusiastic as ever on their musical journey and are available for bookings across a spectrum of locations within Europe and Worldwide.

The band is committed to adapting and customising their setup to fit the unique concept of each event they are booked for.

Their excellent communication skills and enthusiasm make every step from the first meeting to the curtain call a pleasure for all involved.

Fit for any occasion focused in love, positivity and plain good vibes, if you believe your event could go to the next level with a little live music boost, look no further!